Buy online 55+ SH Kelkar Cobra Brand fragrances + hassle-free International Shipping

Buy online 55+ SH Kelkar Cobra Brand fragrances + hassle-free International Shipping - Bulkaroma

Visit our online store to buy Keva Cobra Brand Perfumes

At Bulkaroma, we have launched an exclusive store for SHK Cobra Brand fragrances with 25g to 500g flexible packaging. The price list is readily available and we have categorized these products by applications. Some of the applications that we carry fragrances include the following

  • Attars & Fine fragrances
  • Homemade / handmade soap fragrances
  • Cosmetic fragrances
  • Aircare fragrances
  • Floor Cleaner fragrances
  • Agarbathi fragrances
  • Agarbatti Compounds
  • Water soluble fragrances
  • Perfumery bases

About Keva (formerly SH Kelkar or SHK)

SH Kelkar, established in 1922, is a household name and one of the leading Fragrance and Flavour manufacturer`s in India. They are known for bringing affordable, high-quality fragrances to SMEs in India. in the last few decades, they have made several acquisitions and have expanded into local markets with Perfumery Raw Materials, Fragrances, Flavours, Aroma Chemicals, and Cosmetic Ingredients.

Cobra Brand Attars & Perfumes:

Cobra Brand was launched in the late 1970s with a huge range of fragrances along with a standard price list. Their 25g packaging was an instant hit as it boosted affordability for businesses and also economical to test fragrances in their end application.

The iconic Cobra Brand logovrepresents trust,and qualityvamong many small, medium, andvcottage business owners.

Shipping Pan India & International:

We ship pan India and also ship fragrances and aromatic chemicals to over 190+ countries via reputed international carriers such as DHL, and FedEx. If you have regular requirements for fragrances do reach out to us.

List of SHK products in our portfolio:

Our portfolio of products is always expanding. Here are some of the fragrances that we have in stock at most times.

Aashik 6414, Agarbatti Comp. 2640, Amber Millennium 8126, Amber Oud K 1204, Amber T 6187, Bluebells B 4688, Blueprint 8243, Brute Musk 6563, Chariot 4747, Confidence, Dankaar 6667, Dhoom, Fancy Boquet, Fantasia, Fantastic K 942/A, Fasli Gulab, Fidaa K 1085, Firdaus, Ful Mogra 6140, Geranium D.B. 749, Giovane C 2843, Gulab 2022, Guldastan, Havana B 4179, Heena Standard, Himajal 6569, Jasmin 74, Kacchi Kali 4832 (500G), Kewda 74, Kewda Base, Krishna Musk, Mahogany 8173, Majmua 360, Majmua K 1389, Musk Millennium 8135, Oud 8130, Paragon 4961, Parijatak, Perfecta, Pride K, Ratrani Royal, Romance 4614, Rose 74, Rose Millennium 8090, Rose Oud 8218, Ruh Al Oud 6500, Sandal Comp 3150, Sandal Comp 796, Sandal Millennium 8091, Sandelia, Sensuelle C 2763, Shahnaz B 3742, Shamama 6745, Silver Sands B 4066, Snowdrop C 0151, Songbird C 2017, Tea Rose 5853, White Oudh C 1237, Zigmond K00321/A