ML Ramnarain Perfumers - Pure Attars from Kannauj

About ML Ramnarain

A True Legacy in Bhapka Distillation:
​For five generations, the family-owned business of M.L. Ramnarain Perfumers has been pioneering in the art of distillation, creating essential oils, attars, floral extracts and other raw materials used in perfumery.

Traditional Practices from the Perfume Capital of India​:
Hailing from the fragrant city of Kannauj, the "Perfume Capital of India", they are dedicated to preserving and maintaining traditional practices in this art form.

Why ML Ramnarain Perfumer`s?​
ML Ramnarain brings decades of experience, coupled with a dedication to quality, integrity, honesty to the ecosystem. Their emphasis on ethical business practises – from field to factory – have allowed ML Ramnarain Perfumers to create long standing business relationships and emerge as a credible name in the industry.

Things to consider while ordering from ML Ramnarian Perfumers:

At Bulkaroma, we work closely with ML Ramnarain Perfumers Team, and we have a deep understanding of their core values. We are proud to offer their collection of premium natural/niche attars to you.

Stock Holding:

Pthalate free co-distilled attars are usually in stock as they are made in commercial scale

100% Pure Attars

100% Pure products (esp with Sandalwood notes) are subject to availability

Supply Side

We are constantly working on understanding demand side to forecast sales and to optimize supply chain

Bulk Requests

For Bulk Requests/International Shipping or if you want to incorporate these niche materials in your products, connect with us