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About Givaudan:

Givaudan, a Swiss family-owned company, excels in crafting captivating fragrances for fine perfumes, personal care, and home products, as well as delectable flavors for food and beverages.

Annual Revenue:

Givaudan is a global company with a revenue of over USD 7 Billion as of 2022.

Portfolio & Presence:

  • Aroma Chemicals: Givaudan manufactures several aromatic chemicals and specialties. Some of our favorites include Javanol, Ebanol, Cosmone, Amberketal, Paradisamide etc
  • Bases: Givaudan bases are sold under the name "Givco". There are several bases and some of the well known bases include, Black Agar Givco, Sandal Wood Givco etc.
  • Fragrances: Givaudan has a stronghold in Fragrances considering their capabilities in manufacturing Aroma Chemicals & Captives. We have added a portfolio of fragrances launched in India. These are engineered for offering the best performance and really low price points.