Brand - Firmenich

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About Firmenich:

Firmenich, a Swiss family-owned company, excels in crafting captivating fragrances for fine perfumes, personal care, and home products, as well as delectable flavors for food and beverages. Firmenich has a strong commitment to sustainability and green chemistry.

Annual Revenue:

Firmenich is a global company with a revenue of over USD 3.8 Billion.

Portfolio & Presence:

  • Aromatic Chemicals: Firmenich offers a great variety of chemicals in the area of marine notes (such as Calone, Cascalone) and specialty aroma chemicals (Muscone, Dynascone. Norlimbanol)
  • Accords and Bases: We offer bases from Firmenich and from our experience, we find them to be cost effective in consideration of their performance. Some of their well known bases include Bergamot Indi, Ambergris Synth, Pretty Oud, Ylang Indi.
  • Green Chemistry: Firmenich is a pioneer in this area with two products Dreamwood, Clearwood, that are manufactured via biosynthesis.