Brand - Takasago

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About Takasago:

Established in Japan in 1920, Takasago International Corporation has been a global leader in flavors and fragrances for over 100 years. With a corporate philosophy of "Contributing to Society through Technology," Takasago has developed products for leading manufacturers worldwide in various industries, including foods, beverages, fine fragrances, and home and personal care products. Leveraging its core technology in asymmetric synthesis, Takasago has been a pioneer in producing l-Menthol and other unique aroma ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates, and fine chemicals for over 35 years. With offices, production sites, and R&D centers in 28 countries and regions, Takasago continues to innovate and develop tailored products to meet the diverse needs of global markets.

Annual Revenue:

Givaudan is a global company with a revenue of over USD 1.3 Billion as of 2023.

Portfolio & Presence:

  • Aroma Chemicals: Takasago manufactures several aromatic chemicals and specialties. Some of our favorites include Hindinol, Cis Jasmone, Musk T etc
  • Fragrances: Takasago has a stronghold in Fragrances considering their capabilities in manufacturing Aroma Chemicals & Captives. One of the manufacturing facilities for fragrances is near Bulkaroma`s location. If you have a requirement of upwards of 25Kgs per fragrance, we can connect & solve your Fragrance Requirements & Challenges.