Brand - SH Kelkar (aka SHK, KEVA, Cobra Brand)

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About SH Kelkar Keva:

SH Kelkar (also known as SHK, Cobra Brand, Keva, SH Kelkar), founded in 1922,  is a leader in the Indian Fragrance Industry and needs no introduction. Experience our curated list of 70+ best-selling fragrances from SHK.

Presence & Acquisitions:

SHK has made several acquisitions internationally such as PFW (Europe), Anhui Ruibang Aroma Co Ltd (China), Provier Beheer BV (Holland Aromatics, Europe) etc.


SHK specializes in Aromatic Chemicals, Specialties, Fragrances, Cosmetic Ingredients, Flavours, Skincare Actives etc...