Indian Naturals - Kannauj Attars

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Kannauj Attars Deg Bhapka Distillation

About this Collection:

This collection brings you closer to generations of Perfume Artistry skillfully crafted through the Bhapke Distillation method.

About Deg and Bhapka Distillation:

Nestled in Kannauj, "The Perfume Capital of India," these attars are extracted using the traditional "deg and bhapka" technique, capturing the authentic essence of florals like rose and jasmine, co-distilled with Sandalwood or other Carrier Oils. In this aromatic haven, distillers employ specialized equipment such as the deg, bhapka, and chonga, upholding a tradition that has stood the test of time. Here, amidst the age-old bhattis and bamboo condensers, the true spirit of attar making unfolds, connecting us to the heart of perfume craftsmanship.