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Alcohol C7 - PI-100NF

Alcohol C7 - PI-100NF

from Rs. 211 INR
Alcohol C7 - PI-100NF is a top-grade aromatic chemical alcohol designed for use in a variety of industrial applications. It is characterized by its low levels of impurities, high purity,...
Undecavertol - GIVAUDAN - Aromatic Chemicals - Givaudan - Bulkaroma

Undecavertol - GIVAUDAN

from Rs. 289 INR
Notes: Fruity, Lily, Oily, Seedy, Violet
Firmenich's Undecavertol is perfect for experienced perfumers looking for an aromatic chemical for synthesis and evaluation. The molecule's hydroxy-functionalized structure gives it a unique scent, making it essential for creating...