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About the Ecosystem:

Madurai Malligai, also known as Jasmine Sambac, is a highly revered flower. It is truly a unique, pure, and enchanting blossom. Just like a mother feels proud when her child excels, Madurai takes immense pride in being recognized worldwide, with its malligai spreading the delightful fragrance of its land wherever it goes.

PooMall brings to you Madurai’s malligai – a captivating tale waiting to be discovered. It is not just an ordinary flower but possesses the ability to uplift the lives of those whose livelihoods depend on its diverse market.

Our Approach

Sustainability & Fairtrade

In all areas, our lives are shaped not only by our hard work, but also by the efforts of others and it is important we recognize this.

We have food on our plates each day because of people like you who work tirelessly day and night to put it there. Sadly a life of financial insecurity and stress for farmers and farm employees has become too common.

Partnering with Us

We are committed to continually expand production, which will allow us to provide string and garland making communities with a stable and secure environment through which they can express their passion for their profession.

Revolutionising Buying Experience

Buy fresh loose flowers, strings, garlands, specialty items, dehydrated loose flowers, hydro distilled water, concentrate and absolute from our one-stop shop


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